Keynotes - STPCon

Building a Culture of Quality–It Takes a Village

Tuesday, November 3, 9am, Grand Ballroom

Jason Lauer – Engineering Director, Testing Support & Integration (TSI), Echostar Technologies, LLC

Jason LauerWhen thinking about the House of Quality, many metaphors can be made to building an actual house. What happens when subcontractors don’t reference the same set of blueprints or specifications to assemble the adjoining sections? The foundation may be solid and firmly in place, but if the plumbing is run to the wrong room, you might end up with a shower in the kitchen. Similar issues exist when companies lack communicating common (top-down?) direction on Quality strategy, standards, and expectations. Grass-roots efforts can be fun and rewarding, but when trying to achieve wide adoption of a goal as high as “Industry Leading Quality”, what is the shortest distance between two points? Continue Reading

How to Talk to a CIO About Testing (If you really have to…)

Wednesday, November 5, 9am, Grand Ballroom

Keith Klain – CEO, Doran Jones Testing

Keith KlainThe question that Keith Klain gets asked most often (other than “How did you get your job?”), is “How do you talk to your CIO about software testing?” As software testers are typically not in positions of authority in organisations, this question seems natural, but more important is to find out why aren’t there more testers in management positions. Why do CIOs and senior IT management put people with non-testing backgrounds in charge of such an important function? Through this talk, the presenter will attempt to answer those questions through profiles of CIOs he has worked with and the approach he has taken to tell the testing story. He will also offer his opinion as to why more testers aren’t in management positions and what we can do about it. So put your bias aside and join Keith as he takes a hard look at what’s working (and what’s not working) in software testing management, the culture of skilled testing, and how to join the ranks of management without losing your soul. Continue Reading

After Mobile: Ensuring App Quality and Beating the Competition with Wearables, Smart Technology and the Internet of Things

Wednesday, November 4, 2pm, Grand Ballroom

Chris Munroe – VP of Test Evangelism, Applause

Chris MunroeThe apps economy is flourishing. Apps are now indelibly linked to brands and, thanks to app store reviews and social media, users have a larger voice than ever before in determining which apps win, and which apps render even the best intentions and strategies moot. Meanwhile, the journey from mobile to wearables and other form functions has produced obstacles for developers and QA, including connectivity and API issues, interoperability challenges, proprietary discussions and development decisions, dramatically increased fragmentation issues, elegance, UX and more. If you thought launching quality mobile apps was challenging, how will you handle fitness bands, smart heating systems and other requirements of the Internet of Things? Continue Reading

Panel Discussion: Software Testing Trends and Tribulations

Thursday, November 6, 9am, Grand Ballroom

Mark Tomlinson – Performagician, West Evergreen Consulting

Mark-Tomlinson-CAB.14-150x150Nothing is static or unchanging in the world of technology. Change is the only constant thing, you might say. Innovation and disruption are the business buzz words that keep us going, abandoning the old and adopting the new. However, there are some trends in software development that pose new challenge to testers. These trends can appear antithetical to product quality and personally affronting to our professional identity as testers. In this keynote panel discussion we will explore the panelists’ and audience’s real experiences in dealing with these trends in testing and the tribulations that ensue. Continue Reading