Keynote 3: After Mobile: Ensuring App Quality and Beating the Competition with Wearables, Smart Technology and the Internet of Things

The apps economy is flourishing. Apps are now indelibly linked to brands and, thanks to app store reviews and social media, users have a larger voice than ever before in determining which apps win, and which apps render even the best intentions and strategies moot. Meanwhile, the journey from mobile to wearables and other form functions has produced obstacles for developers and QA, including connectivity and API issues, interoperability challenges, proprietary discussions and development decisions, dramatically increased fragmentation issues, elegance, UX and more. If you thought launching quality mobile apps was challenging, how will you handle fitness bands, smart heating systems and other requirements of the Internet of Things? What will set winning apps apart is data and feedback, throughout the entire app lifecycle, that enables brands to perfect the app experience in the hands – and on the bodies, and in the cars- of users.

In this session, Applause Chief Strategy Officer Matt Johnston will discuss the issues that app developers need to be aware of and navigate in order to succeed as the apps economy expands to life beyond mobile – everything from development and testing challenges and best practices, to user behavior and adoption rates. Matt will actionable insight into the importance of addressing 360 degree app quality in developing and launching apps in these new form functions, and how doing so can enable brands to win loyal users and increase market share.


Keynote Address Mobile
Location: Grand Ballroom Date: November 5, 2014 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Chris Munroe Chris Munroe